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AWAKENING INSIGHT #6 There are no accidents. Everything you experience in life has a meaningful purpose and has value.
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He listens to us.
The Bible can be understood with advanced study.
Jesus is alive.
There is life after death.
Prayer works...all you have to do is, ask for a sign and be ready to listen.

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I would like to present some of the best design portfolio examples designed by my ex-students from Universidad Javeriana Cali. 

Me gustaría presentar algunos de los mejores ejemplos de los portafolios de diseño diseñados por mis ex- estudiantes de la Universidad Javeriana de Cali.

Camila Ceballos Cortés

Lina M. Abadia

Luisa Grueso

Nicole Sepulveda‎

Tatiana Mesa

Brian Carvajal

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AWAKENING INSIGHT #4 Prayer is an effective and powerful way to solve most problems.

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AWAKENING INSIGHT #3 If you take the time to consider your choices, experiences and strengths, you can connect the dots of your personal journey and find your unique soul-guided path.
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AWAKENING INSIGHT #2 Even a small action shows the Universe that you are serious and passionate about your goals.

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AWAKENING INSIGHT #1 If you knew you could achieve anything in your life what would you do?
Filip Ziolkowski Awakening On The Road – Book 1
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